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Deep groove ball bearing (Inch Series)
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Bearing clearance
The radial Clearance of NH miniature, small-size bearings is divided into 5groups according to the IS05753 standard, please refer to the radial clearance valuce without load.According to the different use work-conditions by vast users, apart from the indication in the contract, our company will also select the appropriate rate radial clearance to meet the user's and customer's requirements.

Rrdial clearance of deep-groove bearing

Bearing Intermal Diameter(mm) C2 C0 C3 C4 C5
Exceeding To Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max.
2.5 6 0 7 2 13 8 23 -- -- -- --
6 10 0 7 2 13 8 23 14 29 20 37
10 18 0 9 3 18 11 25 18 33 25 45

Dust-proof, seal, lubrication
The structural forms of the bearings are open type and enclosed type.There are single-face and double-face dust caps in the enclosed type. Sometimes single face and double face are attached with non-contact seal ring, scmetimes with contact seal ring. The filled lubricating grease or oil for ex-factory NH bearings can be directly used without cleaning. If there are some special working conditions, the user can designate certain lubricating grease for use and indicate in the contract or our company will choose the appropriate lubricating grease for the user.

Class of accuracy to the bearings
The class of accuracy to the bearings is mainly divided into size accuracy and rotation accuracy.The class of accuracy to NH miniature and small-size bearings is divided into po,p6,p5,p4 four levels according to the ISO492 standard. Although the above class of accuracy has been formulated according to ISO standard, there are different forms of address in the criterions countries;

Standard code Class of accuracy
GB/T307.1 P0 P6 P5 P4
ISO492 0 6 5 4
JISB1514   P6 P5 P4

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